Here at 7th + Emerson Media, we believe in making sure the client is 110% satisfied with the final product, and to ensure that, we only provide works such as drafts, samples, and concepts to clients who have established a working agreement with us. There are no Speculative Works (“spec”, “ freebies”, “….can I see what it will look like first?”, etc) as it undermines our work, your perception, and the design industry as a whole. Let’s build together, not destroy.

We don’t provide samples to prospective clients who aren’t in working agreements with 7th + Emerson Media.


We have two agreement models at 7+E that apply to Visual Brand Identity and Web Development work. These agreements are currently known as the 50/50 and the 100!Up. Any job type that would have a fee of $65 or below would be  charged upfront in it’s entirety, but is not to be confused as a 100!Up agreement. The agreement would be similar to the 50/50 style in terms of revision count. Revision rounds don’t start until the structure is attained according to the client’s spec.

The 50/50 agreement comprises of the traditional business model, where 50% of the project is paid upfront before any work begins, and the remaining 50% gets paid upon completion. The client would be entitled to three (3) rounds of revisions. The 2nd payment of the 50/50 is due no later than two (2) days after the final draft has been completed. Failure to pay on time will result in a late fee that is 5% of the project fee.

The 100!Up is an incentive-based model where the client pays 100% of the project cost upfront at a discounted rate. The client is granted five (5) rounds of revisions, instead of the three from the 50/50, and furthermore gets a free supplemental design added to their purchase. This could be a t-shirt design, business card layout, flyer design, etc.

Special payment agreements can be arranged and are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Situations that require a refund are unfortunate, but rarely, they can happen. You are entitled to a 50% refund only if the designer defers grossly away from the client’s instructions and without consent. If all work has been done according to instructions from client completely and the client isn’t satisfied, it is indicated as “executive decision errors from the client” and claim for refund is null and void.

If in the case of bonus revisions, where the allotted revision count is exhausted, the client is able to purchase additional revision rounds in the set of three (3) at the price of $50 extra to the project fee.


It is heavily encouraged that the client has a solid to clear-cut understanding of the project style there are after, so as to ensure maximum utilization of all revision rounds. We at 7+E ask that you have anything and everything available that you feel can help us understand the design you are after. This could be sketches (no matter how rough), color scheme, typography choices, examples from other works, etc. It is in this manner that you will get the absolute best from us and your customers/clients will love you for it!

7th + Emerson reserves the right to acknowledge a client’s lack of communication over 30+ days as a forfeit, and as such, can terminate the agreement with said client, while retaining fees/payments that were incurred during service.